Welcome to Words and Deeds, a small business offering proofreading and professional writing skills, based in Liverpool.

The website is split into two main sections: Words, which covers proofreading and professional writing (including copy-editing and PR), and Deeds, which outlines the short-term pet minding service offered, and my voluntary work.

“A strange combination of skills,” you may be thinking; I like to call it “eclectic”.

The ethos of the business is to provide a professional, friendly service for clients who need competent, affordable support, for example:
* Proofreading & Copy-Editing: international students who may require support with their English writing skills; and SMEs, charities, writers, job applicants, and others who want to communicate with their audience in a well-written and informative manner;
* PR: charities or small businesses who want a one-off, well-crafted press release, not the cost of a long-term campaign;
* Pet Minding: short-term help with looking after a cat or dog.

Information regarding rates, etc, can be found on the specific pages.