This page is where I explain the inclusion on this business  website of my personal and voluntary activities. I did wonder whether or not their inclusion would undermine the professional appearance of the business, but I decided that they give prospective clients a positive insight into my personal attitude and beliefs – which are carried over into my business life.

I gave up the 9-5 because I wanted to ‘make a difference’ (stop me if you’ve heard that before), which I am achieving not only by starting and maintaining a business that utilises my PR and word-craft skills to provide a service to others, but also by:
* volunteering for and being a member of a number of charities;
* having an allotment where I can grow my own organic produce.

None of the above is going to make me rich, but it all provides me with a sound ethical framework in which to conduct my business affairs and work in the best interests of my clients.

As Oliver Burkeman has written (Guardian Weekend, 30/07/2011), although the “pressure to constrain how we present ourselves” is increasing in the web age, the web actually “offers unprecedented opportunities to benefit professionally from being the unfocused, multifaceted people we really are. Far more than before, if your passions are gherkin-pickling and freelance legal research, there’s at least a chance of making both pay.”