Welcome to Words and Deeds, the business of Debra Williams, writer and academic proofreader. Here, you will find details about the proofreading service I offer, my creative writing including a blog containing observations on nature and local history, and a summary of my voluntary and other recreational activities.

This website is split into two main sections: Words, which covers professional writing aspects such as proofreading, critiquing and PR work, and Deeds, which details my work experience/qualifications and what led me to become a self-employed proofreader and writer, my business ethos, and the hobbies and voluntary work that often provide inspiration for my writing.

The ethos of the business is to provide a professional, friendly service for clients who need competent, affordable support; for example:
* Academic Proofreading: students who may require support with their written English skills; and SMEs, charities, writers, job applicants, and others who want to communicate with their audience in a well-written and informative manner;
* Critiquing Service: writers who may want friendly, constructive feedback on their work before they submit it anywhere;
* PR: charities or small businesses who want a one-off, well-crafted press release, not the cost of a long-term campaign.

The creative writing aspect, in Nick Cave’s words, “started out as a bit of fun” (O Children) – but quickly became a major focus in my life. It may never generate income but it does generate a huge amount of pleasure (for the writer, at least).

  • Image by Dave Wood, @liverpoolimages, https://www.lovelyliverpool.com/.